Rabu, 01 Februari 2017

Thank You

Hello guys!

Right now, I want to thanks someone because he had been helped me for long time.

To my parents, I can’t even express how much I feel indebted to you. Both of you have been raised me from I have been born to the present me. You have been feed me, bought me clothes, gave me attention and affection, and even sacrifice your time just to raise me. Once more time, I give my  thanks to you. Thank you for everything you gave to me, even at the cost of my life, I can’t repay your kindness.

To my sister, I want to give my thanks to both of you. Last week the two of you have helped me to complete my homework. You have been sacrifice your time from morning to afternoon. And you don't even utter a single complaint. You two are the best sister in the world.

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