Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

My Holiday

Hello guys!

Welcome back to my blog. Today I will tell you about my last holiday.

Actually at my city every holiday, there always be a traffic jam. so, I don' really want to going out. Because of that last holiday I spent mainly in my house. So, there aren't many stories that i can told.

Actually at 30 December 2016 one of my friend came to my house. He live in Makassar city, but currently he dorming in ... school. Actually the first time I meet him was when I still 5th grade elementary school. At that time we both are a contestant of math contest. Unfortunately both of us didn't win.

At 30th December, me with my parents pick him up at train station at 05.00 am. when we arrive at home, we take him to the guest room and he just sleep all day there.

At 31th after woke up he just pray, take a bath, and study mathematics. And I just accompany him study until twelve o'clock. after that we just watching television and playing game together. at night, firework starting to appear and we starting to grill BBQ and corn while viewing the firework at the night sky until midnight. And exatly at 12 o'clock  the night sky become very bright because there so much firework out there.

After that, for 1st, 2nd, 3rd January. My father told me that there were high probability that traffic jam will appear. so we just study, playing games, and watch TV at home.

At 4th January, my family decide to watch movie at cinema. While we waiting for the movie we decided to visit a bookstore. at the bookstore, we read several comics. In the end I bought a novel that writed by my favorite writer, Rick Riordan. My friend bought a novel that writed by Indonesia writer. My little brother bought a comic, and my father bought a philosophical book.

After that, at the cinema we watch a movie with the title "Moana". The story follow after a female protagonist named Moana. On the film, there exist some god, demigod, and monster. In the prologue we saw that a foolish demigod steal the heart of a goddes of nature and earth. Because of that all plant started from the goddes began to wither. After that appear a lava monster. The demigod get attacked and he lost his magical weapon and the heart. Time flow, and after several years at some island far from the goddess, a child was born. She was chosen by the sea to return the heart to the goddess. That was some stories that I see before I fall asleep.

At the next day, 5th January, the last day of my friend visit. My father invited us to play at ITB college. At the ITB my father told me about all the faculty and their building at the ITB after that we visit a park at the center of ITB. The park called Soekarno park. At the park, there was a pool with fountain that have a clear water. At the bottom of the pool we can saw a picture of Indonesia. Around the pool, there were many tile that make a circle around the pool. The tile has a name of faculty at the top, while pointed to the building of the faculty. Before we go home, we went to a cafe for a bit.

After that, my friend went back to his dormitory at Semarang with a train. The train departed at 10.30 pm.

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