Rabu, 28 September 2016

Science Camp IV 2016

Hello guys, right now I will tell you about my experience in science camp IV 2016.

Science camp is an event that made by extracurricular TRILOGI SMAN 3 Bandung. This event the place and time at Bougenville garden September 16th until September 17th 2016. I am very Happy at this event because his event can become a right excuse to skip pramuka lesson. But I will discover how wrong is that later.

In this event, just like I expected I enter to math division. At the Bougenville garden the the atmosphere was very cold. At first I really like it. But at the night time I felt really cold because I forgot to bring my sleeping bag. In this event student's taught to make their own research. after the lesson, a group will be formed from various division. The group's will chose a theme from 10 theme that available. And then we must complete our research within 1 day!!! That was the first time I regret join this camp.

Fast forward the process, Finally I finish my project at the morning in the next day. the theme for my group was about application of mathematics model, just same as my division. Fortunately the teacher didn't seem displeased of my group performance.

The thing that I got from this camp was a new friend and a new experience. There's so much application of math in a real life. And I didn't seem to interested to study it further.

That's all for this post. Thank you for your attention.

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