Rabu, 28 September 2016


Megantara is culture festival that held by my school, SMAN 3 Bandung at Bali field September 10th 2016. The festival itself has Royal Indonesia as its theme. So the stand there was a culture stand or a stand that sell traditional food.

Actually at that time i was very tired. If not for the ticket that I already bought and the lure of extra points at sports and art lesson. So I came there at the last moment. Go to "Rumah Hantu", watch the fashion show and go back home. Truthfully I don't have any impression at Megantara. The food was so-so, the show was boring, etc. But my friend say that the night show was very spectacular. yhe band that invited was very wonderful, the crowd was very energetic, etc. Unfortunately I don't have a change to enjoy that.

This is the list of the show(according to my friend). The first perform is from Band 3 who sing fix you from coldplay,second perform is fashion show,every class must have 3 delegation to perform,there are 2 girls and 1 boy from my class.On the evening many of guest star are perform theirs,the guest star are putra giri harja 3,darul hikam,osd,studio puri hamdani,and the special guest star are special perform from the changchuters and RAN.

My friend say the most popular one was the changcuters and RAN. For the changcuters I can understand that. Because a long long time ago changcuters was my favorite star. But for RAN, I actually never heard that band. So, either I really fall behind at the news or RAN wasn't really that good.

So, that my experience at Megantara. Thank you for your attention.

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