Rabu, 29 Maret 2017

Dewa Athena

Helo guys....
right now I will tel you about sport event at my school.

Dewa athena is Indonesia version of god Athena. God Athena itself represent the olympic at Yunani.
Right now, my school use dewa athena as the name of our sport event between classes. This event will be held at 23 - 25 march and 1&8 april. for 23&24 march there was a knockout stage for the second year, while at 25 march &1 april there was the knockout stage for first year. So because I just a first year, I play at 25 march.

At dewa athena, there was many event that been held. There was estafet run, basketball, gobak sodor, futsal, dodge ball, badminton, and some more. but the one that I participate was just gobak sodor.

At gobak sodor, my class X MIPA 4 going against X MIPA 11 the rule that explained by committee isn't clear, so the opponent class violated the rules for many time, as ror myself, I become the best fourth line defender fith my friend, Kepin. In the end there was one people that win from my side, while there was no people that win on the oppponent side, and that make my class win.

At man double badminton turn, my class representative was Faishal and Doko. Doko was a strange person, he keep saying he will make opponent cower, but un the end, my class get beaten very harsh by our opponent. and actually Doko using sunglasses while playing, and the last point our opponet get was because the sunglasses fell and that DAMN DOKO PICK IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH. That was the most embarasing moment for my class.(and the man at the picture is Faishal)

You see, actually I should participate at dodge ball too. but because dodge ball was quite a popular event, when the times come, no one remind me and they just replace me. In the end, my class, X MIPA 4, won at 5 category, and that is basketball, gobak sodor, man futsal, woman futsal, and man dodge

At 1 april later, there will be tarik tambang, Volley and semifinal for the one that played at 25 march. so, let's pray for my class victory!!!

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